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Husband and wife duo Mark and Joanne Caligiuri lead a fantastic ensemble as country music’s favourite couple, 

Johnny Cash and June Carter. 

It was back in 2007 when Mark and Joanne started to create their Johnny Cash Show during the release of Award-winning Movie “Walk The Line”

Mark and Joanne both have musical backgrounds with Mark being a guitarist in various well-known bands throughout the 80s and 90s and he started a successful Elvis show in 1996 and Joanne got her musical start as a guitarist for her Church band at the age of 14 then going on to be a lead vocalist in a Rockabilly band.

It was their mutual love of music particularly the music from the 1950s and 60s that connected them together and they haven’t stopped since!

They have toured all over Australia together and have now added their very own family to their show.

A first of its kind! 

They are accompanied by Mark’s sons Chris (double bass) and Lucas (drums) and his cousin, Adam Prozzo (lead guitar). 

Together they celebrate the life, love and music of Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Much like the real John and June they travel together with their family and are all very close.

Mark and Joanne’s on-stage chemistry and authentic performance as the famous country couple has won them great praise including multiple newspaper articles, Radio and TV appearances and they recently took out the title of “Couple-o-billy” with their rendition of “Jackson” 

“This is more than just a show for us, we are Johnny Cash and June carter fans in real life so we put our heart and souls into our performance to honour these great legends”

 Joanne explains…

“Our show pays respect to one of the most loved musical couples of all time, we want to bring to life the memories and music of these amazing people”

Adds Mark…

“So step back in time with Get Rhythm as they take you on a musical journey you will never forget!”


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